R & F : Pigment Sticks

86 colours available in 38 ml and 6 colours available in 188 ml

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R&F Pigment Sticks transform oil painting into a whole new experience. Two sizes, 90 vibrant colors and a lipstick soft consistency. R&F Pigment Sticks let you get rid of the distancing factor of a brush and hold the paint right in your hand. The surface, the paint, your hand and your ideas all come together. The different effects you can get with these luscious sticks will amaze you.

pdf=r&fpigment.pdf Material Safety Data Sheet

View PDF Technical Information: Fat Over Lean

View PDF Technical Information: Yellowing of whites

View PDF Technical Information: Rabbit Skin Glue Gesso

View PDF Technical Information: Rabbit Skin Glue Sizing

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Here is a great demonstration of R&F Pigment Sticks from Artist Charles Forsberg - Play Video

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Brand R & F
Sub Brand R & F : Pigment Sticks
To use with Oil
Quality Excellent

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