Rapid : 2000 Staples for the Staple Guns we sell : 8mm deep


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Precision cut flatwire staple made from high performance steel. Flatwire has a larger holding area against the material, making it ideal for canvas, fabric, card, thin plastic, insulation etc.

These will work in the following staplers:
Rapid; R11E, R14, R34, R44E, R64E, R114, ESN 114, E-Tac, MS 640
Esco; Esco 11 professional
Rocafix; MS50V, MS 500, ES 130
Arrow; T50, T55, T50PBN, HT50
Black and Decker Powershot
Bosch; HTM57
LUX; HHT Maxi 196251, 195055
Maestri, Rocama 16 T50, T50 Electronic
Mekano; Hyper 16, Super 17
Novus; J-19EHG, J-030G, J-031G
Rapesco; Z2-P, Z2, A11Hammer
Rawlplug; R11, R14, R34
Stanley; Sharpshooter, HHT 3-69-737
Available in sizes:
6mm deep, 8mm deep, 10mm deep

Weight 0.2440
To use with Oil, Acrylic, Watermixable Oil
Quality Excellent

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