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Schmincke Pouring Medium is a fluid acrylic-medium that is used for creating acrylic pour paintings. Acrylic pouring involves pre mixing fluid acrylics and acrylic ink with a pouring medium and then pouring it over a panel or canvas to create gorgeous abstract patterns or landscapes.

This pouring medium has optimised flow properties and can be mixed in any ratio with acrylic colours up to 45% acrylic colour, allowing you to vary the speed of flow and experiment with your work. Additionally, you can use water as a thiner with it. It dries to a gloss finish and is then waterproof. The medium itself reduces crazing dramatically and dries clear with a non-yellowing, tack-free surface. The acrylic-medium mixes can be poured in layers after each layer has dried. The surface you pour onto should be grease free, slightly absorbent and stable.

Schmincke is a German based paint makers which has been making high quality paints for the last 100 years.

Please note: this product should be used in temperatures above 15 degrees celsius and individual pretests should always be done.


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To Use WithAcrylic, Pouring Technique


(1 review)


Great product for achieving multiple effects with acrylics of all consistencies...


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