Turner : Acrylic Gouache Paint : 20ml : Permanent Red 21


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Colour index name: PY170

Light fastness: Moderrately Durable

  • Superior spreading of colours thanks to ultra-fine pigments.
  • You can paint wide areas uniformly without any defects, with no need to repaint.
  • Dries quickly, can be painted effectively and efficiently.
  • You can paint quickly and wonderfully as you wish, and expand your creativity.
  • Water-reducible, yet good water-resistance after drying.
  • You can paint multiple layers with no bleeding and no streaking.
  • Opaque finish that will enhance beautiful colouring.
  • Sophisticated quality finish like velvet will enhance your expression.
  • Reliable adhesion to various materials is beyond your expectation.
SKU ATN20021
Weight 0.0290
To use with Acrylic, Gouache
Quality Excellent
Size : ml 20 ml
Pigment Index PR170
Review by Harry Boddice
I got a sample of these a while ago from Jackson's, tried them recently and found that they are not much like the gouache we all know and love, but very like a soft bodied smooth acrylic paint, which is something I'm always looking out for. They go on to the surface with a very nice consistency, excellent coverage, vibrant strong colours without a hint of chalkiness. They have a nice thickness to them as well, in that dried blocs of paint don't seem dry streaky, even with only one slightly thin coating. An excellent material. (Posted on 20/08/2015)

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