William Mitchell : Calligraphy Pens, Nibs & Holders

William Mitchell : Calligraphy Pens, Nibs & Holders

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William Mitchell Calligraphy Ltd. have been designing and manufacturing exceptional writing tools for almost 200 years. This British based firm is known for its famous calligraphy, drawing and mapping pen nibs made of the supplest steel. William Mitchell nibs include Round Hand, Italic, Poster, Scroll, and Copperplate styles.

The Mitchell family are thought to be the first dip pen manufacturers to use machines to cut their pen nibs. John and William Mitchell began making nibs together in the early 1820s and in 1822 it was John Mitchell who pioneered the mass production of steel pens. William Mitchell established his own pen making business in 1825 and his pens are still thought of as the highest quality writing implements today.

Over the years William Mitchell has merged with several notable pen manufacturers including Hink, Wells & Co., Perry and Co. and John Mitchell (reuniting the original brother’s firms). William Mitchell and Joseph Gillott (a nib manufacturing firm originally started by the Mitchell’s brother-in-law) amalgamated in 1969. William Mitchell still produces Joseph Gillott pens which are ideal for drawing, mapping, manga, comic book illustration and small copperplate writing. These delicate tools are ideal for both professional and keen amateur use.

To use with Ink, Sketching
Quality Excellent

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