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The most fluid of the Liquin family of products, this quick drying, gloss medium is ideal for fine details, glazing & blending or to produce a smooth surface picture.

  • Speeds drying (touch dry in 1-6 days depending on colour & film thickness).
  • Resists yellowing.
  • Not suitable as a varnish or final coat.

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To use with Oil
Quality Excellent
Size : ml 75 ml
Review by JR
In my opinion, this alkyd oil handles much like linseed oil, though being slightly thicker, heavier and clearly darker. It's also significantly more expensive, but time is money and this potentially saves a great amount.
The fluid emits a pleasant odour of perhaps ... wood varnish and levels quite nicely; though characteristically for an oil, against walls it will concave up.
At its driest, the film is physically flexible, sustains its transparent orange colour and a very glossy surface, but for better or worse, permanently feels a little tacky; thus, it's highly ingrain-able (if you do wish to apply a sealant, I advise against those which contain butyl or ethyl acetates, which tend to crinkle and crack the surface instantly. Oh and maybe keep LFD off siliconised polyurethane rubber, as it seems to dissolve the surface).

The child safe cap is quite a nuisance and unreasonable as this my seem, even the minimum (?) 24-hour drying time can be frustrating.

In conclusion, I have a good relationship with LIQUIN FINE DETAIL; I'm glad to know about it, own it and expect to use such a product forever more. (Posted on 18/02/2016)
Review by Feefo
very good product (Posted on 08/12/2015)

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