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The Raven is a short handled watercolour mop brush which is made from synthetic squirrel hair. It has an excellent take-up and release of water and holds a lot of paint which will enable you to produce long, flowing strokes. The larger sizes are especially useful for creating big washes of colour without having to reload your brush with pigment or water. The hair is soft and holds its shape really well, it retains a really nice point which will be ideal for finer detail.

Please note that this synthetic brush does not contain any animal products, either in the varnish, bristles, paint or glue.

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SKU BR52830
Weight 0.0170
Quantity : Pack Single
To use with Watercolour
Brush : Hair Type Extra Synthetic Squirrel
Brush : Stiffness Soft
Brush : Technique General
Brush Series 528
Brush : Size # # 3/0
Quality Excellent
Vegan Yes
Brush : Hair Type Synthetic
Brush : Shape Mop
Review by Mythril
Very good brushes. Virtually impossible to tell apart from the best squirrel mops on the market, soak up a ton of water and come to a fantastic point every time. (Posted on 12/01/2017)
Review by Feefo
I have been using this brush since ordering it. I bought it two days before a half price sale. I was so pleased that I bought the rest of the series and am well pleased in using them in watercolour and with Inktense pencils and blocks. The are ideal for Inktense as they lick up the colour well from the blocks and and make good washes of colour. This 000 size was good for detail. The only advice I would offer is to was them out thoroughly after using them with Derwents Inktense. love it for watercolour (Posted on 22/12/2016)
Review by Feefo
All the 3 brushes are excellent (Posted on 08/12/2016)
Review by Elena
Gorgeous, beautiful and now favorite brush in my set. The thin tip, docile and comfortable in the hand! Bravo Jacksons! (Posted on 25/11/2016)

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