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Mixing Jackson's French Ultramarine Blue and Raw Sienna together produces a really useful neutral grey, ideal for creating shadows and dark details without the use of black. Add more French Ultramarine Blue for a blueish grey tone or add more Raw Sienna for a grey which leans towards green. Using predominantly French Ultramarine Blue when mixed with Genuine Carmine will result in more of a violet, adding more Genuine Carmine will give you a purple that leans towards magenta. 

Made to the exact same standards and formulas as the best professional artist watercolours available today, Jackson's Artist Watercolours are as good as any leading brand watercolour but at a fraction of the price. Large chunks of the finest quality Sudanese Kordofan Gum Arabic are very slowly dissolved in cold water to preserve the gum's maximum binding strength. Honey is then added to give lustre and vivacity to the colours. Carefully selected for their purity and lightfast qualities, the finest pigments are then finely ground and soaked in purified water to allow the colours to develop their maximum splendour. The two mixtures are then blended together and slowly ground into a fine paste. The process is repeated until the pigment particles are dispersed evenly and finely to allow a flawless unity of the watercolour wash. 

Pigments: PB29
Lightfastness: Very Good Lightfastness
Transparency: Transparent

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To use with Watercolour
Quality Excellent
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Size : ml 21 ml
Review by Feefo
Good item (Posted on 23/02/2016)
Review by Alice
I tried this colour out in the 50p 5ml sample pack and it was simply stunning. I really wasn't expecting much because of the comparatively cheap price, but it was easily up to par with (if not better than!) my Winsor and Newton paints. It is incredibly bright and pigmented and flows wonderfully, and doesn't fall out of mix with other colours as my Daniel Smith Ultramarine & French Ultramarine blues have a tendency to do. It also rewets very well which is a 'must' for me as I always decant my paints into pans to dry before use. I have yet to try out any of the other paints in the range but as soon as I need any more I will certainly will, and I can definitely recommend French Ultramarine Blue. (Posted on 23/01/2016)
Review by Feefo
Good vibrant colour (Posted on 09/09/2015)
Review by terence molloy
I really like this colour! It is nice and clean and very bright the transarency is very good and the flow is excellent. (Posted on 20/08/2015)

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