Keba : Artmate Paper Stretchers

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  • No drying time
  • Load and stretch paper on location with the simple turn of a key
  • Create stunning effects on normally difficult papers


Excellent for watercolourists, Keba Artmate will stretch your paper and dry it in minutes - it will not cockle or pull away no matter how wet the wash. It can also be used for; oil on canvas, acrylic, gouache, pastel, penline and wash, silk painting and needlework.

Can be used for silk and canvas by using without the art base (back board), or when traveling. This will give you complete control of ultra wet washes, ensuring no cockling, buckling or lifting. You can use this easily with any paper and get excellent results.

Two methods of stretching for watercolour use:

The Quick no pre-drying method: Wet the back of the paper and the edges of the front, then stretch and paint on the front right away.
The Pre-drying method: Wet both sides of the paper, stretch, then let dry before painting.

Make 8 different shapes from a collection of 3 KEBAartmates - Optional base board included with every product.

Note: paper must be cut to the size of the stretcher.


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