Staedtler : Mars 502 : Lead Pointer Tub : For 2mm Leads


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This Staedtler Lead Pointer Tub is a rotary sharpener for 2mm leads. It comes with a large tub to hold lead shavings and a pad to clean the leads after sharpening. It can sharpen leads on their own or whilst in a mechanical pencil and automatically stops when then pencil is sufficiently sharpened. It has two gauging holes: one will produce an extremely fine point for drawing, and the other a standard point for writing.

Directions for use:

  1. Place the lead of the clutch pencil in either of the gauging holes. These are the holes marked with a triangle, either side of the circular white cleaning pad.
  2. Press the end of the clutch pencil to release the lead into the gauging hole.
  3. Let the clutch pencil clasp the lead again and lift the lead from the gauging hole. The lead will be protruding from the clasp, which will then ensure it is sharpened to either a moderate or a sharp point, depending on which gauging hole is used.
  4. Place the pencil into the large sharpening hole and spin the lid of the sharpener round until it offers no resistance. At this point the lead will be fully sharp.
  5. Wipe the lead-dust from the point of the pencil using the cleaning pad.
Weight 0.0270
Lead Diameter 2 mm

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