TotalCast : Clear Artwork Resin Kit : 10kg

TotalCast : Clear Artwork Resin Kit : 10kg


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TotalCAST Resin is an optically clear, high-gloss, hybrid polymer resin system which is especially suitable for the protection and decoration of artwork, paintings or sculptures as it provides a tough coating with good abrasion resistance. It is easy to use because it cures at ambient temperatures and is self-levelling. The resin is non-flammable, odour-free and has no solvent content. It is also free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), is non-toxic and has non-yellowing properties. It is perfect for use on all art surfaces including canvas, wood, MDF and photographs, and can be used over acrylic, oil, watercolour and enamel paint.

This kit consists of 5kg of each component (Resin & Hardener). The Mixing Ratio is 1 : 1

Please note, the mixing ratio must be accurately followed. It is not possible to change the ratio. This would adversely affect the mechanical properties of the resin and would lead to it not drying properly. The mixture should be thoroughly stirred (mix for 3-4 mins) to ensure full homogeneity. Polymer systems tend to heat up much faster in a pot than as a thin film. Therefore mix only the necessary amount usable within the given pot life.

Read our 'Varnish Your Painting With A Durable Wet-Look Finish' blog post to see TotalCast being used to varnish a canvas. 

The system can be applied by hand-pouring or by brush/roller. Mix to the ratio of 1:1 (by volume or weight) until it is a uniform colour & consistency (3-4 minutes is usually sufficient). Ensure your piece is perfectly flat and level, otherwise the resin will run to the lowest point and “pool” in the centre, leaving too little resin at the corners. On large canvas paintings you should tighten the canvas as much as possible or place a board underneath to support it uniformly. Any bubbles created by hand-mixing can be easily popped by using a sharp object or by passing warm air over the surface of the resin (use a blowtorch or a hairdryer on a low setting. Don’t hold a blowtorch or hairdryer closer than 30cm to your artwork, otherwise you risk creating ripples and dimples in the resin finish.) You will need to protect the piece from dust accumulation for at least 8-12hrs. You can do this by using a dust sheet or a box to cover the piece.

All mixing containers and tools can be cleaned with Acetone or cellulose thinners.

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Clear Artwork Resin - TotalCast made by Eli Chem

More information on TotalCast Resin

This 10kg kit comprises 5kg of each component (Resin & Hardener).


1. Are TotalCast Resins safe to use without a mask or breathing apparatus?

Yes these resins are safe to use at ambient temperatures as they are VOC-free, low odour, non-flammable and contain no solvents.

TotalCAST and resi-Blast have both been awarded ASTM certification as a non-hazardous and non-toxic artwork resin.

2. How long will the resin last in unopened / opened containers?

12 months in both cases.

3. Do I need to wear safety clothing / equipment when working with resin?

Whilst TotalCast resins are safe and user-friendly please be aware that they still consist of industrial chemicals. We always advise that you observe good industrial hygiene: that you wear gloves when using the resins; that you wear long-sleeved clothing; and that you do not eat, drink or smoke near the resin. In ambient temperature conditions you will not need to wear breathing apparatus or a mask.

4. How do I measure and mix it?

The ratio of the resins is 1:1 by weight or volume. Mix by stirring for approximately 3 minutes until the mixture has a uniform texture and consistency. Use the spatula to scrape the inside of the mixing container whilst stirring to free up any material which could be sticking to the inside walls with static. Once mixed do not leave in the mixing vessel for more than 4-5 mins as it will exotherm quickly in a small volumetric space, which builds heat and cures rapidly.

5. What is the coverage rate?

TotalCast clear artwork resin will cover 1 square metre per 500g of mixed resin (10.7 square foot per 18oz).

6. How do air bubbles occur and how do I get rid of them?

All Eli Chem Resins are de-gassed before they are filled, so any air that enters the mixture is caused solely by hand-stirring. The vortex caused by stirring pulls air into the blend. Once you have poured the resin mixture over your surface, immediately pass hot air from a blowtorch, heat gun or hairdryer over it, to dissipate bubbles. Eli Chem also add a special Air Release Agent into the formulation which should help to expel micro-bubbles automatically.

7. If I add more Hardener will the resin cure faster?

No it will not cure quicker - in fact it will not cure at all. The speed of cure is not regulated by the amount of hardener; it is controlled by the amount of accelerator which the manufacturer adds into both components during the production stage. Please do not deviate from the pre-set 1:1 mix ratio. To accelerate the curing process you can pre-heat the components and mix them while warm.

8. How come the levels are slightly different in the Resin and Hardener bottles?

Eli Chem fill all of their kits by weight. Because the density of the resin and hardener is different, it means they occupy a slightly different volumetric space. 1kg of resin is around 950ml in volume but 1kg of hardener is 1 litre in volume; that's why the levels look marginally different. The Hardener component will always have a slightly the higher level in the bottle, as it is less dense than the Resin component.

If you measure 1:1 by weight then you will finish both components at the same time. If you mix 1:1 by volume it will still work but you may end up with slightly more Hardener. Either way Eli Chem have built in a margin of error of 15% so that you can make mistakes to this tolerance and the resin will still cure normally.

9. Can I colour this resin?

Yes, but some pigments and mediums will not mix well with TotalCast resins. Acrylic-based colour in paste or ink format is perfect. Waterbased colours are not advised, as the resin is a synthetic material and water-based binders wont disperse uniformly in it. Oil based colours are not recommended, as the trapped solvents in the oils will oxidise in resin and turn it yellow. Alcohol-based colours will function as a pigment but the alcohol will also cause repelling in the resin. This can be used to create visual effects, but it is an unpredictable means of colouring your resin mix. Powdered pigments will each mix differently with the resin, depending on their chemical make-up.

Alternatively, you can make your resin glow in the dark by mixing in Eli Glow Photoluminescent Pigment Powders. A tutorial can be found on the product page of the pigments.

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