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Colour number/code: 077 Series number: 1 Chemical description: Synthetic iron oxides Colour index name: PY42, PR101, PBr7 Colour index number: 77492, 77491, 77491 Permanence rating: AA ASTM lightfastness rating: I Transparency/Opacity: O

Acrylic colour is becoming increasingly popular because it is so versatile. It can be used on the widest variety of surfaces, (providing they are grease free and properly prepared); paper, canvas, hardboard, timber, sculpture, brickwork and plaster - so you can use it whatever your painting style.

It can be applied both thinly and thickly and at any dilution in between and is easy to use and clean up. Galeria ensures the artist has an acrylic with the best all round handling characteristics and performance at an affordable price.

Galeria, can be used straight form the tube/pot, it can be thinned or thickened with a medium or water. This variety in consistency makes Galeria suitable for both oil and water colour techniques.

SKU AWG60077
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To use with Acrylic
Quality Good
Price Series 1
Size : ml 60 ml

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