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A comprehensive range of artist quality dry pigments consisting of 100 colours, from modern synthetics to natural earths.

  • 100 colours available
  • Artist quality
  • Modern synthetic and natural dry pigment
  • Tested to ensure excellent performance qualities
  • Made in Poland
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Jackson’s Artist Pigments have been selected to produce permanent and characterful colours - perfect for artists who make their own paints.

The range consists of 100 dry pigments, from modern synthetics to natural earths. Each pigment has a different set of characteristics, such as tinting strength, opacity/transparency, and granulation. Every pigment requires a different volume of binder to bring it to the desired consistency.

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Please note: Do not breathe dust. Use in a well-ventilated space wearing a dust mask. Do not use while eating, drinking, or smoking. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children and pets.


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To Use WithOil, Watercolour, Gouache, Pastel, General


(5 reviews)


I'm so happy with this pigment, I made 5 half pans out of the 10g jar, which is amazing value. I added honey, Oxgall and gum arabic (in no particular amounts, I wing it). It's a beautiful colour, with good granulation. I wish I could post a photograph. It's easier to make your own watercolour than you think, I'm so glad I gave it a go.



Very good price and quality! I will order more.



Beautiful staining rich blue pigment. Easy to work with.



Very nice colour. If you make paint for yourself, 25g is a lot, more than what i imagined.



Great and light packaging to keep it safe. With 10gs you can make a lot just to practice. Im very pleased-


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